Extremely consistent shot placement is one of the advantages of our system.


Any time a suppressor, or any muzzle device, is attached to the barrel of a firearm, the harmonics of that barrel change to some degree. A barrel is dynamic, when a projectile is fired, the barrel undergoes a series of changes.


In very slow motion, a barrel actually moves like a snake! A good quality barrel moves in the same way every time a projectile of the same weight and similar powder charge is fired, resulting in consistent shot placement.

DBRCO Ayla System Suppressor System, in itself, does not affect the bullets path. Reduced recoil and noise will result in the improvement of the accuracy of any shooter. A good shooter and a good firearm can achieve truly impressive results.

Attaching anything to the end of the barrel will affect these harmonics to some degree. This necessitates re-zeroing your rifle after attaching your suppressor. Attaching the same suppressor to the same barrel would not necessitate re-zeroing each time since the changed harmonics would be the same each time.


Other suppressors use a system of baffles, some of these, especially mono-core types adversely affect the bullets path due to pressure variations as the bullet moves past them. DBRCO Ayla System Suppressors do not use baffles. Reduction in muzzle report and recoil are achieved by our patented system of slowing and cooling the gasses generated by the ignition of a cartridge.