No Baffles

Hiram Maxim patented the first silencer all the way back in 1909. It relied on baffles, similar to just about every suppressor on the market today. DB Reduction uses a patented design that has no baffles, finally emerging from Maxim’s long shadow. This new approach achieves greater reduction in muzzle report than any previous baffle design.


Reduction of sound is the result of a controlled cooling and slowing of the gasses produced by the firing of a modern cartridge. This slowing and cooling takes place after the bullet has exited the suppressor.

Hiram Maxim

Unique System

Using a unique system of ports and channels, DBRCO’s Ayla System slows and cools the gasses produced by the firing of a cartridge in a firearm. This system cools and slows these gasses resulting in a greater reduction in measured sound. Since the bullet never touches the mechanism of the suppressor, its flight is unaffected by this design.


The rapid burning of propellant powder produces a large volume of gasses, under extreme pressure, which propel the bullet out of the case, into the barrel (and out of the barrel), accelerating the projectile in the barrel. Any powder that is not completely burned before the bullet leaves the barrel becoming “muzzle flash”, which can contribute to the loud report associated with gunfire.


The high-pressure gas exits the barrel of the firearm after the bullet has exited the barrel. Un-contained by the barrel, the gas rapidly expands to ambient pressure and therefore cools. This phenomenon can be observed in the deflation and cooling of the pressurized gas in a car or bike tire. Controlling the expansion and cooling of this gas is critical to all suppressor’s performances. DBRCOs patented design presents a significantly more effective way to slow and cool this gas than Hiram Maxim invented in 1909.