DBRCO Inc. has patented a revolutionary new design in suppressors, presenting a wholly different take on the industry standard, the 1909 patent by Maxim, baffles.


The offerings on the market now are mostly caliber specific. Each caliber of firearm requires its own suppressor and separate tax stamp. Current offerings are also broadly sealed and therefore unserviceable. Baffles have remained the heart of the suppressor industry for over 100 years, but we think it is time for a change! DBRCO Inc. has designed a baffle free suppressor, opening horizons for suppressor performance and versatility. Our revolutionary product allows the efficient suppression of multiple calibers through a system of interchangeable interior parts.


Our design allows a single suppressor to be used with calibers from .17HMR to 9MM. This allows a shooter to maintain a single suppressor and pay for a single tax stamp to suppress most of their firearms. These interior parts are supplied with the initial purchase of the DBRCO Inc. suppressor system, no later purchases are necessary.


The cost of a standard suppressor can range from $500.00 to well over $2000.00 and a $200.00 tax stamp is required for each. Suppressing multiple firearms, the old-fashioned way, can become very expensive. DBRCOs suppressor system obviously changes the math. One suppressor. One tax stamp.


DBRCOs was extensively tested with state-of-the-art sound meters. DBRCOs system achieves decibel reductions as great or greater than conventional suppressors. The DBRCO system was tested using the military’s MIL-STD 1474D specification. State of the art manufacturing of each part and the materials used, (Titanium, Stainless alloy steel, Aerospace alloy aluminum), allow DBRCO to build a better product.


We stand behind it with a warranty better than our competitors. DBRCOs patented design renders a .22 long rifle so quit that the sound of the firing pin striking the cartridge, followed by the sound of the bullet striking the target, are all the noise you hear. There is no gunshot.