Why buy other suppressors when you can own a single DBRCO Ayla Suppressor System?


Traditional suppressors are caliber-specific, requiring several to manage the whole range of ammunition. Why spend your hard-earned money on multiple suppressors and tax stamps, when ONE DBRCO Ayla system will take care of most of your firearms? Considering the number of suppressors required and a tax stamp for each, migrating to the DBRCO Ayla system will save you thousands of dollars.


A DBRCO Ayla System will fit many of your firearms. The same suppressor that quiets down your .17 HMR as well as your .338. Our Ayla system comes with all interior parts for calibers .17  through .338 winmag and an adaptor for ½ 28 and 5/8 24 thread barrels.


Most multi-caliber suppressors currently on the market use a central passage large enough for the largest caliber they are rated for, making them noisier than a purpose-built suppressor for that caliber. DBRCO’s system allows the user make a single suppressor a precision fit along a spectrum of calibers.


DBRCO’s Ayla System also allows better access to the interior of your suppressor. Cleaning and changing interior parts for different calibers is a very simple at-home procedure, no special tools or expertise required.


Our unique take, foregoing traditional baffles, allows the DRBCO Ayla system to be lighter, shorter, quieter in addition to being the suppressor for your whole arsenal.


DBRCO Ayla System, the only suppressor you will ever need!