Our lead designer, Bruce Berglund, set out to buy a firearm silencer in 2015. What he found on the market disappointed him, so he decided to build something better. After 5 years and 150 different prototypes, he produced the DBRCO suppressor system.

Using a supercomputer (his own brain) built in 1956 with cheap

unskilled labor proved a very slow and expensive way to design a suppressor.


In the end however, his perseverance paid off. He had created the novel method of muzzle report reduction found in our DBRCO Ayla Suppressor System, which is now far superior to any existing model in the market.

This patented method uses a series of ports and channels to slow and cool the gasses responsible for the loud report associated with firearms. The degree of reduction in sound is far superior to other types of suppressor on the market today. This, in addition to having no effect on the bullets path make the Ayla Suppressor System a clear stand out in the field.