Unlike most suppressors on the market today, DBRCOs Model 3 Suppressor design can be configured for multiple calibers of firearm. This design allows you to buy one suppressor that works for all of your firearms, also you need to purchase just one TAX STAMP.


The DBRCO Model 3 System comes with internal parts for every caliber from .17 HMR through .338 Win Mag. also included is an adaptor for ½ 28 threads or 5/8 24 threads. This allows the suppressor to be used on almost all firearms. In under two minutes you can open the suppressor and change the necessary parts for all these calibers. Other manufacturers sell suppressors advertised as multi-caliber. At DBRCO we have found that truly effective sound suppression needs the openings in the suppressor to as closely as possible match the diameter of projectile. Just having a large enough opening to allow the passage of many calibers results in smaller calibers producing more noise than larger calibers that more closely match the opening size.


Being fully openable by the user, DBRCO suppressors can be effectively cleaned, most of the other suppressors on the market are welded shut.


The DBRCO Model 3 Suppressor System is very light, due to its unique design. Less muzzle weight can be very desirable.